The Versatile Dining Room Bench

The Versatile Dining Room Bench1It is conventional that the dining room of a house will have a dining table and chairs. However, for reasons of space, cost, style or personal taste, some home owners prefer to substitute the chairs for a dining room bench. In this article we look at some of the different types of this item of furniture and explain why more and more people are choosing the bench ahead of more traditional seating for their dining room.

The Standard Wooden Dining Room Bench (or Form)

A typical dining room bench will be in a rectangular shape and will be constructed from some type of wood. It will normally have two legs at each end to support the bench top and the weight of anyone seated on it. Some tables have a connecting strut or struts running the length of the bench and connecting the legs on each side. This provides greater stability, especially in the longer benches. The standard type of bench does not have a back support, which is a feature that differentiates it from a typical dining room chair. This type of backless bench is also known as a form and many readers will remember them from the school dining room.

The Wooden Dining Room Bench with a Back

Less common than the form type of bench is the dining room bench with a back. This type of bench obviously provides a greater degree of stability and support for the backs of those seated on it but lacks the versatility of the standard version, which can be completely concealed beneath the dining table by reason of it lacking a back. Find more interested information on homewares online .

The Upholstered Dining Room Bench

As in the case of dining room chairs, there are also upholstered versions of the dining room bench. These benches are normally a combination of wood and material. The seats, because they are cushioned and upholstered, are generally somewhat more comfortable that the solid wood bench. Like the wooden benches discussed above, the upholstered bench is available either as a form or with a back.

The Storage Dining Room BenchThe Versatile Dining Room Bench3

For those that require additional storage space, there are various types of dining room bench that provide storage in one form or another. The most common types of storage space are in the shape of drawers that are located at the upper section of the bench or a container that is situated under the seat. In the latter case, the storage space is accessed by raising the seat, which is attached to the base of the bench by a set of hinges. Many householders use the storage space for cushions to provide additional comfort in the case of wooden benches.

Why Invest in a Dining Room Bench?

There are various reasons for the rise in popularity of the dining room bench. One of the main reasons it is the preferred means of providing seating around the dining table is economy of space. Because the bench is only one single piece of furniture it will take up far less room than a set of six, eight or more dining chairs. Additionally, as we have already explained in the case of the standard, form-style bench, it can normally be completely concealed beneath the table top.

Another reason for investing in a dining room bench is cost. Once again, because it is one single item of furniture it is likely to be less expensive than a number of separate dining chairs.

Finally, the dining room bench is becoming more and more popular simply because a greater number of people prefer the style that it brings to the dining room.


Whatever type of dining room bench you choose, it will provide a truly versatile, economical and stylish addition to your dining room.